What Self Storage Managers Do

There is a high chance that the self storage manager will greet you at your self storage news. If the manager is not available, you can rest assured that he or she will be there. There are many responsibilities that a self storage manager must attend to every day. This ensures that self storage facilities run as smoothly as possible, and that problems that do occur are minimized.

Here are some common things self storage managers do:

Show Units. One of the main responsibilities of a self-storage manager is to show prospective tenants all of the units that are available. Good self storage managers listen carefully to tenants’ needs and then show the units they think will be best suited for them. They will be able tell you whether the items should be stored inside or outside, and they will also know how to determine which size unit will work best.

Explain Pricing & Procedure: After a prospective tenant has made the decision to become a tenant, the self storage manager must ensure that they understand all the rules and regulations of the facility and what the pricing is. They will go over the various payment options and show how to use the gate security code.

Enforce Rules & Payment: A self storage manager is responsible for enforcing all rules and regulations within the self storage facility and ensuring that everyone is paying their self storage rental fees on time. This is a constant effort that can take up the most time. But, this is probably the most important part of what a self-storage manager does. The self storage manager who breaks the rules and doesn’t pay rents will soon lose their job.

* Organizing Auctions When a tenant fails or is unable to pay their storage rent, the law allows the storage unit facility to auction the contents of the unit in order to recover any or all of its losses. It is up to the self storage manager to organize the actual auction when this happens. The self storage manager will need to take several steps in this situation, including giving all necessary notices to tenants, announcing the auction in the local paper, and hiring an auctioneer for the bidding.

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