Yelan, The New Waifu Material Character in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact recently announced two new characters. One of them is Yelan, a waifuableHydro character.

Yelan, a Bow-wielding Hydro character who is versatile and adaptable, claims to be from the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Read more now on densi paper.

Yelan, a phantom like other phantoms, often appears in various disguises at the center events, but then disappears without leaving any trace.

People in trouble look forward meeting her. Most people believe Yelan will aid them. They want Yelan to be their ally, even if it is not.

But the problem is that their opponents believe the same thing.

They’ve met different versions and identities of Yelan, who goes by various names. Each of them believes they can make a deal. They never reach an agreement.

Who is she willing to help? What will it take to get the truth out?

She will not speak a word of honesty if she doesn’t act and intervene.

If she is honest about her identity, it may be that those who want to know the truth will not get the chance to hear the truth.

According to leaked information, Yelan can cause Hydro reactions even though she is not in the field – making her a possible Support or Sub-DPS. Yelan does not have the ability to deal powerful damage and cannot be a Main DPS.

Yelan also requires additional HP to improve her skills. To get the best from Yelan, you will need to concentrate on getting artifacts that have the HP sub-stats.

Yelan will also be a 5-Star character and will be released with Kuki Shinobu, a 4-Star character. According to reports, Yelan is likely to be in Genshin Impactv2.7 – along with the Yoimiya and Arataki Itto reruns.

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